Cool Calm Pete - (Tune In lyrics

You heard? Osama got a weather machine
Bought a new umbrella with my colorless green
And Saddam act like the mafia Don
Don't touch that dial rerun the Vietnam
Cool Calm on a recon mission
Out the work place been gone fishing
Heading upstream, make you forget home
Hungry man dinner chronic fatigue syndrome
You all alone, no one to relate to
Like even your old lady act askew
World on crutches, limping on its axis
Grandpa pitch a tent doing his taxes
Scare tactics, loot under the mattress
I got guns and internet access
Pop divas do drugs and act rude
Wear pretty little clothes, dance and drop school
I'm makin' moves in the land of milk and honey
Overcast day, nose still runny
Come rain or shine, please remain calm
Don't touch that dial they gonna drop the bombs.

Now this just in
Take one on the chin
Hip-hop mischief Huckleberry Finn
Chuckles and laughs from poisonous gas
Second-class citizen take two and pass
Natives are restless express lane
Got excess baggage still love cocaine
Hard to maintain, harder to let go
They fucking up my city for vendettas and petrol
Retro fitted, got loot too - acquitted
Pitted against all odds still committed
Hair loss, silicone, botox kisses, call
1-800 I-dentity crisis
Act now, react later, playa hate
Eat fast, lose weight-too late!
So your homegirl's up in arms in harm's way
Red alert bring the alarm-bombs away
Duck and cover you might get burned
I've seen a thousand points of no return
Tune in you're now rocking with the Calm
Don't touch that dial they're gonna drop the bombs

You got them post-war blues
Still confused
Daytime drama, sitcom, news
Still buried in the trenches refuse to lose
A ruse from the capitol with rights to choose
Product placement
Sex is tasteless
Still less filling, the enemy's faceless
A joke in the office and he ain't all that
And the new American pastime is rap
Stop the presses, look another titty
Got your homeboy and ain't life pretty?
We all rock synthetics to bear the cold
You act like relics but you're barely old
Ultra-violence, a moment of silence
From down with the king to down with the tyrants
Can't trust the system, we still cant count
Cause they bucking down kids when school is out
Head for the hills another cold front chill
Collection of sorrow and unpaid bills
Destination, red and blue nation
And this whole damn city need a vacation