Conflict - The Cord Is Cut lyrics

The cord is cut no need for separation, successful elimination
Extermination of degradation? Essential heart feed stopping

She strives on alone, and makes the best of no one
Set fast, clamped, fucked, thinking nothing of tossing away a life like fucked spunk in a condom
Times hard, life's short, so

He the ultimate obstinate mind, moralistic attitude, the eyes of the blind
Humane reasoning, it's life, it's alive. A tiny heart beat

Here sits I, while on the subject of life
Impossible to conceive, no matter how hard I try
To bring my joy to the world, be it boy or a girl
Times hard, life's short, so cut. The cord is cut
My life is smeared all over with tears; ones I know will last for years
My decision so hard, you think I made with ease
But no loving words of comfort, will ever my guilt appease
No loving words of comfort. Whenever the guilt