Con Queso - Captain Gordo lyrics

I was just a boy when I first heard his name
Life, love, death, and queso were his game
I saw him on the tele and instantly I knew
Yes, I would join him and be part of his queso crew

Live your life con queso
Live your life con cheese

Many years past, and boy, had I grew
Not the young boy, oh, once new
Twenty-one and cool, and, uh, hangin' in a bar
Captain Gordo came in like a star

So I had to ask him
Captain Gordo why don't you stay
Why would you ever look away
I have always idolized you
Won't you let me join your queso crew?

Sure! You can join my queso crew
If you can keep up and do as I do

Captain Gordo why don't you play
Why don't you blow a song away
Hit it! [Alto Sax solo]

Captain Gordo take me away
Get me away
I want to stay, ha ha ha

Many years past and boy, have I grown
Playing the guitar, piano, and sax too
Taking the place of my good ol' friend Captain Gordo
And forming the band...
Con Queso