Common - The Ladder (2014)

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Common - The Ladder lyrics

The realm, do you know what the realm is?
It's the thousand blades of Aegon's enemies
A story we agreed to tell each other over and over
'Til we forget that it's a lie
But what do we have left once we abandon the lie?
Chaos, a gaping pit waiting to swallow us all
Chaos isn't a pit, chaos is a ladder

[Verse 1]
The rain came upon us, we played the corners
Like Richard Sherman the best, I'm still learning
Scriptures turn to pages, pictures burn in rages
Outrageous, the big world, the stage is set
Threats coming from different ages
Death is ageless, life is dangerous
Change is the only thing guaranteed
I ain't afraid of the ops cause I know they bleed just like us
In the Seven Kingdoms ain't nobody righteous
A massacre at the Red Wedding, the lifeless
Laid on the ground, now who wears the crown?
A rope tied around by the power we bound
Sound the trumpets, I got soldiers by the hundreds
We all want it with our eyes on the summit
Chaos is a ladder and some fall from it
Some get tall from it, high like they all blunted
But this the year that we doing it with no fears
God in both ears saying ''be sincere''
Some are laughing, some of 'em be in tears
If this the end let the games begin

I think about it when I'm in my zone
This life is like a game of thrones
I sit and think when I'm in my zone
This life is like a game of thrones