Common - Raw (How You Like It) (The Dreamer / The Believer Album) lyrics (Chinese translation). | La la la la la
, La la la la la
, [Verse 1]
, Bow! Bow!
, I came through the door with the raw...

Common - Raw (How You Like It) (The Dreamer / The Believer Album) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: La la la la la
ZH: La la la la la

EN: La la la la la
ZH: La la la la la

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [第 1 节]

EN: Bow! Bow!
ZH: 弓!弓!

EN: I came through the door with the raw Martin Margiela superstar status
ZH: 穿过了原始马丁百废待兴的超级明星地位与门

EN: Everything stellar, with some bad bitches and some ex-drug sellers
ZH: 一切恒星,与一些坏的婊子和一些前毒品卖家

EN: Niggas already jealous, we in this joint like Bob Marley and The Wailers
ZH: 黑鬼已经嫉妒,我们在此联合喜欢鲍勃 · 马利和哭丧者

EN: She already wanna pick, bitch don’t be so over zealous
ZH: 她已经想要挑,婊子别那么在热心

EN: Go to the bar to get around like a propeller
ZH: 去酒吧要把一种推进器

EN: The bar maid’s name is Stella
ZH: 酒吧女仆的名称是斯特拉

EN: I’m so appalled like McCartney, would you record me
ZH: 我感到如此吃惊的像麦卡特尼将您记录我

EN: Am I really mad? Hardly, I’m here to party
ZH: 我真的很生气吗?几乎没有,我是方

EN: One of y’all to give me body like Lati-fah
ZH: 你们给我的躯体就像拉蒂皇太后之一

EN: Niggas in the corner smoking that ree-fa
ZH: 黑鬼在角落里抽的稀土元素-fa

EN: Seen a girl she had bottom like a speak-er
ZH: 看到她有底部像说话的姑娘-er

EN: Wanna put some hands on her like a preach-er
ZH: 想要把一些手放她像讲道-er

EN: Hmmmm! Well let me take my time
ZH: 留心的看她 !好吧让我把我的时间

EN: She ordered Bacardi, getting twisted in the limelight
ZH: 她下令百加得,越来越扭曲在聚光灯

EN: Seen that ass cause I got hindsight
ZH: 看过那屁股会导致我事后

EN: She was lit shining bright in a fit that was tight
ZH: 她被点燃闪耀在紧一阵

EN: ‘Bout to get that invite to a night over Egypt
ZH: ' Bout 那邀请到晚上去埃及

EN: She said “You rap?” Yea mummy
ZH: 她说:"你说唱吗?"是木乃伊

EN: I’m Tutankhamun kicking it, spending this rap money
ZH: 我是图坦卡蒙踢它,这 rap 钱花

EN: [Hook] x2
ZH: [钩] x 2

EN: Feels so good
ZH: 感觉真好

EN: I wanna touch somebody
ZH: 我想要触碰的人

EN: So let’s go, go
ZH: 所以走吧走

EN: Wanna feel you close, keep touching
ZH: 想要感受你关闭、 保持接触

EN: [Bridge] x4
ZH: [桥] x 4

EN: La la la la la, how you like it
ZH: 洛杉矶洛杉矶洛杉矶洛杉矶洛杉矶,你怎么想

EN: [Verse 2]
ZH: [第 2 节]

EN: She was all couture, in a Tom Ford
ZH: 她是所有时装,在汤姆 · 福特

EN: Security guard let me in cause I’m lord
ZH: 安全警卫让我在事业上主我...

EN: Of finesse, the under, the rings, the dress
ZH: 手腕,下环,这件衣服

EN: Code is to always stay fresh
ZH: 代码是要始终保持新鲜

EN: Aware of a chest cause I stay abreast
ZH: 意识到我呆并肩胸部原因

EN: She was extra cold, I’m here to de-congest
ZH: 她是额外冷了,我在这里要重复数据拥塞

EN: This nigga next to us was slopped and made a mess
ZH: 我们这个黑鬼是 slopped 和搞砸了

EN: Knocking over bar stools, I hoped that he carpooled
ZH: 吧台椅打翻,我希望他 carpooled

EN: I’m locked into my mood, Long as dude don’t disturb my groove
ZH: 我被关进我的心情,只要兄弟不要打扰我槽

EN: I won’t have to take it back to high school
ZH: 我不会要把它带回高中

EN: Rewind! No need to take me back in time
ZH: 倒带 !不需要带我回时间

EN: Keep my mind on the grind and the great feline
ZH: 我的思绪磨和伟大的猫科动物

EN: Cause what’s in front of me is this behind
ZH: 是什么在我面前的原因是这背后

EN: Up north she’s thick, down south she’s fine
ZH: 她已北上厚,南下她很好

EN: Tuned in to what I’m doing
ZH: 收听到自己在做什么

EN: I’m so unassuming when I’m pursuing
ZH: 时我正在我如此谦逊

EN: The ladies, the ladies, a soldier of love like Sade
ZH: 女士们、 女士们、 爱情像 Sade 的一个兵

EN: So in love to this lady when this nigga tried to play me
ZH: 所以在对这位女士,当这个黑鬼试图发挥我的爱

EN: Saw me talking to slim and started acting shady
ZH: 看到我说要减肥,开始代理阴暗

EN: Dude got foul like crack in the 80s
ZH: 哥们犯规裂缝像 80 年代

EN: Uh, uh, uh! You don’t wanna test this yo
ZH: 呃、 呃、 呃 !你不想对此进行测试哟

EN: You never know who got a check up in the disco
ZH: 你永远不知道谁在迪斯科舞厅有一个检查

EN: “You Hollywood.” Nah nigga, I’m Chicago
ZH: "你好莱坞"。没有黑鬼,我是芝加哥

EN: So I cracked his head with a motherfucking bottle
ZH: 所以我断了他的头与他妈的瓶

EN: [Hook] x2
ZH: [钩] x 2

EN: [Bridge] x4
ZH: [桥] x 4