Common - Ghetto Dreams (feat. Nas) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Hook]
, Ghetto dreams
, Ghetto ghetto dreams
, Ghetto niggas’ dreams
, Ghetto ghetto dreams
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Common - Ghetto Dreams (feat. Nas) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: Ghetto dreams
ZH: 贫民窟的梦想

EN: Ghetto ghetto dreams
ZH: 黑人区贫民窟的梦想

EN: Ghetto niggas’ dreams
ZH: 爱的梦想

EN: Ghetto ghetto dreams
ZH: 黑人区贫民窟的梦想

EN: Ghetto niggas’ dreams
ZH: 爱的梦想

EN: Ghetto dreams
ZH: 贫民窟的梦想

EN: Ghetto niggas’ dreams
ZH: 爱的梦想

EN: From the hood
ZH: 从引擎盖

EN: [Verse 1: Common]
ZH: [诗歌 1: 常见]

EN: I want a bitch that look good and cook good
ZH: 我想要一只母狗看起来很好,擅长烹饪

EN: Cinderella fancy, but she still look hood
ZH: 灰姑娘的幻想,但她仍看罩

EN: Butt naked in the kitchen flipping pancakes
ZH: 光着身子在厨房里翻转煎饼

EN: Plus she tricking from the dough that her man makes
ZH: 再加上她淋从面团,使她的男人

EN: We got our own handshake
ZH: 我们有我们自己的握手

EN: Her titties ain’t fake
ZH: 她的 titties 不是假

EN: F-cking in the car cause we just can’t wait to get home
ZH: F 君汽车事业中我们只是不能等到回家

EN: Early in the morn’ getting stoned
ZH: 早在黎明 ' 烂醉如泥

EN: Pretty with her eyes low, runny by Bible
ZH: 漂亮的她眼睛低流淌的圣经

EN: The type of bitch that BIG said he would die for
ZH: 他会死的大说的婊子的类型为

EN: Is the type that I would rather stay alive for
ZH: 是的类型,我宁愿呆的活着

EN: Tatts on her back, looking all tribal
ZH: 她背上,查找所有部落的 Tatts

EN: She know shoes like she know survival
ZH: 她知道像她知道生存的鞋

EN: Well put together, she weathers the storm
ZH: 她好放一起,天气暴风雨

EN: Seen her brother die so forever she’s strong
ZH: 见过她弟弟死所以永远她是强

EN: Hear Beyonce’s song and she gotta perform
ZH: 听到碧昂丝的歌,她一定要执行

EN: Whether f-cking or fighting: we getting it on!
ZH: 无论是 f 华君还是战斗: 我们让它 !

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Verse 2: Common]
ZH: [诗歌 2: 常见]

EN: I don’t even say shit, she can feel it
ZH: 我甚至不说拉屎,她能感觉到它

EN: I toss the realest, sold nails acrylic
ZH: 我折腾的 realest、 出售钉压克力

EN: Ass is a weapon and it’s hard to conceal it
ZH: 屁股是一种武器和很难掩饰它

EN: Baby in one arm, the other is a skillet
ZH: 一只手臂,其他的婴儿是盖子

EN: Frying chicken, macaroni
ZH: 煎鸡、 通心粉

EN: Raise on the ?
ZH: 提高对吗?

EN: Ghetto press, she’s my apolonni like
ZH: 贫民窟的新闻,她是我喜欢的 apolonni

EN: Tony, Montana
ZH: 托尼 (蒙大拿州)

EN: Reminded me of ? or my mama
ZH: 提醒我的吗?或我的妈妈

EN: Knowing the drama like she know when to joke
ZH: 知道戏剧,像她知道什么时候开玩笑

EN: Steal a nigga’s squares, not wanting me to smoke
ZH: 偷著方块,不想我抽烟

EN: I poke my head out of Benzes
ZH: 戳我的头出的意义所在

EN: My beats is the streets and I know who my friends is
ZH: 我的节拍是在街上,我知道我的朋友是谁

EN: In this love for the money, power and clothes
ZH: 在金钱、 权力和衣服这爱

EN: My ghetto housewife watch reality shows
ZH: 我的犹太家庭主妇的手表现实显示

EN: She might get to snapping if the canvas aint closed
ZH: 她将会得到贴紧如果画布不关闭

EN: When the cameras snap snapping, she’s ready to pose
ZH: 当摄像机捕捉对齐时,她已准备好构成

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Verse 3: Nas]
ZH: [诗歌 3: Nas]

EN: I notice all my flaws when it comes to writing rhymes
ZH: 我注意到我所有的缺陷时要写的歌词

EN: Subject matter be changing too quickly at times
ZH: 在时间太快改变主题事项

EN: So I keep it strictly ’bout dimes and stick to the story
ZH: 所以我把它严格 ' bout 美分和棍子的故事

EN: Call me a pro in the p-ssy category
ZH: 叫我 pro p 手动试压类别中

EN: Had explicit experiences I shouldn’t mention
ZH: 我不应该提到的显式经历

EN: For me, getting women turn from sport to addiction
ZH: 对我来说,获取妇女从体育转到成瘾

EN: Powerful women playing the roles of submission
ZH: 功能强大的妇女提交的角色

EN: Lawyers on leashes
ZH: 链子的律师

EN: Congress women inflicting pain onto my game
ZH: 妇女代表大会造成痛苦到我的游戏

EN: Warned that I’m sadistic
ZH: 警告说我是虐待狂

EN: They liked it, they diked it, devices twisted
ZH: 他们喜欢这事,他们 diked 它扭的设备

EN: Til I get a nice chick, to get me on some nice shit
ZH: 直到我得到很好的鸡,我要一些不错的狗屎

EN: Crib raising kids, slap a door behind a white fist
ZH: 抄袭养孩子、 拍白的拳头身后的门

EN: But I’m still single, looking for Cleopatra
ZH: 但我还是单身,寻找克利奥帕特

EN: African Queen, yo look at me, I’m a bachelor
ZH: 非洲的皇后,你看看我,我是学士

EN: Y’all niggas in trouble, keeping girls behind closed doors
ZH: 你们的麻烦,使女童闭门

EN: Cross your fingers, be happy I haven’t chose yours
ZH: 你的手指交叉快乐我没选择了你

EN: She loves glamour bought Vera Wang sandals
ZH: 她爱买 Vera Wang 凉鞋的魅力

EN: Valentino bags is my etiquette
ZH: 华伦天奴袋是我的礼仪

EN: My man is half hood half class
ZH: 我的男人是半罩半类

EN: Photographers cameras caught us out there
ZH: 摄影师摄像机捕捉我们那里

EN: The spotlight, I hope she can handle
ZH: 聚光灯,我希望她可以处理

EN: She can join me, red carpet at my next non-profit
ZH: 她可以加入我,在我下一步的红地毯上非牟利

EN: Event having sponsored by some alcohol product
ZH: 有一些酒精产品由赞助的事件

EN: Jumping out a Bentley with some fresh red bottoms
ZH: 跳出来宾利与一些新鲜的红底

EN: You live the dream with me when you are just in the projects
ZH: 当您在项目只是跟我一起生活梦想

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]