Common - Celebrate (On Live! With Kelly) (Live) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Hook]
, Everybody home, ain’t nobody gone
, And I got all my niggas around
, It feel good,...
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Common - Celebrate (On Live! With Kelly) (Live) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: Everybody home, ain’t nobody gone
ZH: 每个人都回家,没人走了

EN: And I got all my niggas around
ZH: 著我了

EN: It feel good, don’t it? Getting hood on it
ZH: 感觉不错,不是吗?获取罩上它

EN: And I got all my niggas around
ZH: 著我了

EN: I got a couple minutes in town
ZH: 我在城里有几分钟

EN: A couple hundred bitches around
ZH: 周围几个几百个婊子

EN: So baby gonna get us a round
ZH: 所以宝贝让我们一轮

EN: Cause I got all my niggas around
ZH: 因为我周围有著我

EN: Celebrate
ZH: 庆祝

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [第 1 节]

EN: We partying, yeah got body in
ZH: 参加派对,是我们的身体

EN: Exotic broads lobbying, Spanish, Somalian
ZH: 异国情调女人游说,西班牙文,Somalian

EN: Fly, we live it ’til we die
ZH: 飞,我们住它,直到我们死

EN: We living in the night, toast looking in her eye
ZH: 我们生活在夜晚,举杯看着她的眼睛

EN: On our paper ’til we get it like Dubai
ZH: 我们直到我们得到它像迪拜的纸上

EN: Chi niggas stand up, plastic cups
ZH: 志爱你站起来,塑料杯

EN: Girls with the drastic butts, that ask for bucks
ZH: 女孩的激烈烟蒂,找块

EN: It don’t stop here
ZH: 它不停在这里

EN: Bottles of Veuve pop here
ZH: 瓶凯歌汽水在这里

EN: And we gonna get around like 2Pac’s here
ZH: 我们要像 2Pac 绕在这儿

EN: Celebrate like it’s new year
ZH: 庆祝像是新一年

EN: Some bomb rocks coming, type nuclear
ZH: 来了,一些炸弹岩石类型核

EN: Yeah, it’s so ridiculo
ZH: 是的它是如此进场

EN: Lit the medicinal, passed it give-and-go
ZH: 点燃药用,它传递给转到

EN: Backwards liquor store
ZH: 倒酒商店

EN: Celebrate
ZH: 庆祝

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Verse 2]
ZH: [第 2 节]

EN: In my Paul Smith like an alcoholic
ZH: 在我像酒鬼的保罗 · 史密斯

EN: My guys I used to hoop with, is now who I ball with
ZH: 我用我的人,与耳圈,现在是谁我球与

EN: This raw bitch came in looking flawless
ZH: 这个原始的婊子进来时看完美

EN: Tonight she’ll be giving conscious, headlights!
ZH: 今晚她会给神志清楚,车头灯 !

EN: Beaming from the Beemer that her momma bought her
ZH: 从她的妈妈给她买了宝马喜上眉梢

EN: I got to act right for her like I’m an author
ZH: 我要行事右为她好像我是作者

EN: Look where drama brought us, look where karma brought us
ZH: 看话剧带我们来的地方,给我们带来的羯磨

EN: Married to the game, like Usher we was caught up
ZH: 结婚的游戏,像迎来我们被抓住了

EN: Now we got some R&B broads we can call up
ZH: 现在我们可以打电话给我们一些 R&B 女人

EN: You niggas come around keep the wall up
ZH: 你爱你上来周围保持在墙上

EN: Smoke blowing out thinking of tomorrow and the simple things
ZH: 烟吹出明天和一些简单的东西的思考

EN: Hustlas from the go, how far we done came
ZH: Hustlas 从,我们做了多远

EN: Celebrate
ZH: 庆祝

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Verse 3]
ZH: [第 3 节]

EN: Ah, another night, we love the night
ZH: 啊,另一个晚上,我们爱夜

EN: For the life, getting bugged tonight
ZH: 为生活,得到今晚窃听

EN: Wait ’til I get my money right
ZH: 等到拿到钱权

EN: Told you it’s gonna be on like the Benzes that we lean on
ZH: 告诉你这要上像我们依靠宾士

EN: Put my team on, get our heat on
ZH: 放我的团队,让我们热

EN: Ah, I knew her when she strip, her name was Chardonnay
ZH: 啊,我认识她时她带,她的名字是霞多丽

EN: My niggas move work even on a holiday
ZH: 我的黑人移动即使在假期工作

EN: We come from porches and alleyways
ZH: 我们从门廊和小巷来

EN: I’m the big ticket, don’t need no one to validate
ZH: 我是大票,不需要任何人来验证

EN: You celebrate
ZH: 你庆祝

EN: [Bridge]
ZH: [桥]

EN: We ain’t gotta wait
ZH: 我们不是要等

EN: It’s a toast to you and me
ZH: 这是你和我干杯

EN: Bills aint so bad, celebrate that
ZH: 条例草案不是那么糟糕,庆祝,

EN: Party in the yard ’til the lights come on
ZH: 在院子里,直到灯亮方

EN: Ain’t nobody crying
ZH: 没人哭

EN: We’ve come so far, been climbing
ZH: 我们已经来到目前为止,已攀爬

EN: know the clouds they passed us by
ZH: 知道它们通过传递我们的云

EN: C’mon and raise your glass up high
ZH: 来吧,并提高您玻璃高

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]