Committed - The Bonds That Bridge Forever lyrics

As miles grow longer our friendships grow stronger. As the times get harder our friendships only grow. I've seen friendships come and go and I'm sure you haev too. Being closer than we are couldn't make a bond so true. These miles grow longer but our memories stay. Our friendships grow stronger because of the pride we share. Where will we be today? All we've seen-- together? No, the feeling's the same but the view has changed. Where will you be today? Isn't it great we'll go across the world and find we still feel the same? Potential friensd were never enough. We'd go farther and farther but never feel the trust. And if it wasn't there then, then it's not there yet. True friendships can only grow, at least that's what I said. And did you look for this-- friendships so strong? Maybe it's not the answer, but this answer's not wrong. The music, the message bring feelings so true. From across the miles we've found the same truths