Committed - Committed lyrics

You say the west coast has got so much more, and you talk about the east coast settling the score. You call them crews because you've got a few friends? The Cleveland youth is rising again. We're the ones who still set our goals, you're the ones who sold your souls. We don't care who's bringing it back. Clevo kids are on the attack. Committed to the hardcore scene, Committed to living clean, Committed to right our wrongs, Committed and growing strong. Committed to what we say, Committed to live today, Committed, and we know what's right, Committed is straight edge for life. Everyone things they're back on track, and think they're hardcore cause they know how to dance. But they're just jocks looking for acceptance, Cleveland edge is true independence. Crew wars fought on a PC screen, what about the kids who are living clean? All these crews, sisters and brothers. We're Committed and there's strength in numbers