Coltrane Motion - Stalker Romance lyrics

i think my phone is broken
but i think i'm ok
she's all stuck up in the best sort of way
i know that she'd love me if she just had the chance
it's not everyday you see true romance

i keep seeing her with that other guy
weird things happen, maybe he'll die

but in a supernova flash of conscience coming in
i duck beneath the window
bushes scrape against my forehead
pick a stalker romance novel from the shelf again
and read myself to sleep

she still hasn't called and it's half-past three
i hope she's ok, i better go see
i think i'm all right, yeh i think i'm ok
i think i'm getting closer every day

i went through your garbage when there's nobody home
i write you letters when i'm alone

i think i'm all right, i think i'm ok