Colten With Wings - Fat Fingers lyrics

Writing with a broken hand.

Above all, I can't stand,

The religious rights of all these selfish..


Don't go back, keep running.

In the night,

I sit quietly.

When you should,

Dream of me bleed.

10 reasons I shouldn't have fingers.

10 reasons I should have stubs.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh what a mess.

What a dead desire for our damsel in distress.

The mirrors lie.

As hard as I try,

To believe.

Me as a person.

With feelings and caring.

I can do death defying acts with my eyes closed.

I can see murder even when my eyes explode.

I can't flee with unhappy endings, when the book is closed.

I can't believe free heart surgery, watch it grow.

Leave with a heavy sigh.

Can't see the warning signs.

Just leave the kid behind.

Nobody believes Colten Stein.

I am just like all the rest, the best, the best, can't finish the test, the test, though.

Wow girl, you're fully dressed.