Cold Front Attack - At Times We All Relate To Snowflakes lyrics

And another bell rings
And stings my eardrums
Sings of a lost art you bring to me
But I've forgot the only thing I tried to remember
When I look back through the years
And those last days of November
I found myself at a crossroads
And couldn't decide where to go
So I turned around and headed back home
So I could put off choosing which road
I would take and try to outrun tomorrow

But the things you label slow
Will always catch you off guard
While you're alone in your car
Staring out the front window
When you see the falling snow
And you relate to a snowflake
With no sense of direction
Not knowing where it would go

And that's when I realized
That there is no right time
And the time I spent debating
When to face my future
The inevitable was all I was procrastinating

So lesson learned
And I guess I'll move on
You can't dwell on the past
Or the present will be gone
It takes losing something
You never really had
To know you really want it and just how bad

And now the phone rings
It brings me right back
A telemarketer of life is on the line
It's now or never you know
This your life, so come on let's go
When I look back through the years
This isn't what I want to remember
We find ourselves at a crossroads
You and me decide where to go
We could be wrong again
But that's an outcome
I'm willing to chance
You lead and I will follow
Let's stop running from tomorrow

Right now just realize
That there is never a right time
Don't waste your time debating
When to face your future
The inevitable is all your procrastinating

Right now please realize we're running out of time