Cold As Life - 1000 Yard Stare lyrics

Here we are, another year past.
One more left, maybe the last.
The end of this world, or just maybe ours.
The fuse is lit, the masses devoured.
Left for dead, the end is here.
Pray for god and keep your gun near.
Dooms day,
An ancien plan, once tested by Nazis.

Can't bleed us, just left to give.
Mutilate, anhilatem so only you live.

Apocalyspe now, Armageddon tomorrow.
A sea of lost souls, as evils thirst swallow.
We won't give in, we are prepared.
Look in our eyes, 100 yard stare.
Technology, sin and greed fulfilling the final propehcy.
Times are changing, tables have tured.
Your hate made this world burn.

Instigate, genicidal hate, you laugh, you rape.
Insineratem anhiliate, depopulate, anhiliate.
Regulate, mutilate, depopulate