Code 4-15 - Whiskey Days lyrics

I wanted to die when the sun came up I couldn’t face the day
My head is spinning and I’m still half drunk
It must be Saturday but I’m not too sure
I can’t remember what I did last night to make me feel this way
My baby says that I need to grow up and turns her back on me (again)

Leaving town to see a rock n roll show in the city tonight
Punk rock on the radio and a couple of tall boys and I’ll be feeling fine
I don’t care if they take me to jail when I get outta line
In the morning when my mind is gone I’ll pay for my crimes

I’m sitting here just wasting time
The dreams I’ve long since left behind
Spent all my money on a bottle of whiskey
And now I’ve lost my way
Thrown it all away
For whiskey days

Thrown it all away
The liquor is to blame
I should have turned the page
Cuz I can’t see your face
The road has gone astray
And now I’m so misplaced
Thrown it all away
For whiskey days