Cobalt 60 - 12 Months lyrics

January time is not on my side
That's the weight of my lore

February what can I do but hide
I see the light once more

March they tell me
They sent a soulsister
We prefer not to meet

April is on but my trouble ain't over
Events tend to repeat

May I take a plane and cross the ocean
I wish I wasn't here

June is yellow I cough quite often
A woman hails me dear

July passes as swift as an arrow
All my friends are away

August is hot and unpleasantly slow
Very little to say

September I bang my head on the wall
The entire planet shakes

October a month I don't like at all
I water my mandrakes

November whatever I ask they say
No did I do something wrong

December I've nothing else to do
So I write another song