Cloud Cult - Lightning Girl lyrics

I was wishing my whole life

For a lightning wife

She had rain drop wings

Her fingers felt like velvet green branches

I was human she was god

But I was dressed up in lightning clothes

So she couldn't see that I was beneath her

And she said she'd stay for a while

So she took me to the sky

She never noticed that I had no wings

I felt her skin against mine

And the stars melted into dandelion wine

And her eyes are like sunflowers and thunderclouds

And her tongue is like raspberries in June

And I keep thinking that if I could only keep her distracted

She won't notice I'm not worthy of a lightning girl

And I remember the Christmas's without her

I was alone and drunk and staring at the tree

And she was whispering through the cracks in the window

But I couldn't hear her 'cause I didn't love me