Closure In Moscow - Kissing Cousins lyrics

We have never lived, we have
never even tried
Come on now give that burden to me
We have never lived, we're just
creeping all our days
And you could feast an age
Feast and still feel famine all the same
When this food's an orgasm,
dripping context down my drains

We've had our chances
We didn't see them through

It never ends
Carry on the sin
It never ends, it never ends
We can never rest
It's like kissing cousins
it's like breaking bread

Born of detriment
Born of all the ills that lead us in

It gets me so frustrated
Everyone's an expert, I'm so sick of it
It makes me want to gouge a thousand eyes
Choke five hundred throats
Feed them to the fishes swimming
in my moat
While I sit in my castle
Perched all alone
Disconnected on a sullen throne

They're not stopping
It never ends so forever they roam