Closet Monster - Mamma Anti-Fascisto (Never Surrender) lyrics

You said it wouldn't work.
I'm not going to take that again.
The beauty of the people's politics embodied in.
Now I got to.
We all got to.
Keep on singing.
Deep inside these streets.
Something exists inside these walls.
And I believe I finally laid my feet upon something that real.

Oh yeah.
She said never surrender.
She said never surrender.
She said never surrender.
Let's make a stand.
We just might make it.
Please baby take my hand.
We're gonna make it.
An anarcho-communist told us his name was Favio.
She was anti-fascist and from their smiles you'd never know.
We're gonna make it.
This machine kills culture.
Progress is tearing us apart.
This is not the way it should be.
This is just the way it is.
Icon cavallo.