Clock DVA - Moments lyrics

I can not move
Each limb would burst
If I move through
A body with no constrain
A body with no pain
Made of grey iron
Forged without soul
Cast in silence in the corner of discord

Endless distance divides enclosed
New chapter beginning
Same page unfolds
Caught in torture
When I was born
In desolate dream I walk alone
Through the centuries of hunger
To the year 1201
Cannibals of Cairo
To the 2nd millennium B.C.
I saw the spirit doomed, without reason or reprieve
To the burning of Jews Berlin 1510
We ate his body we drank his blood
I saw the horror
I saw the good
I was indifferent
I walk alone
I broke their chains so we could talk
But did you understand
You are one of thousands who were here before
Now, with this same detachment
To the 2nd millennium A.D.

You are alone in this desolate dream
I see no reason to delude time
For this is your end
Caught in one moment
When I spoke to you
I am so lonely
So you could escape
But you won't
My name is Chronus
One moments expands forever
One moment
Is all I need
All for a moment