Clock DVA - Impressions Of African Winter lyrics

Impressions of African winter
The sun shining down on your hair
Concrete tundra filled with an endless face
You're leaving a photograph of emptyness
I'm left in this land a stranger who is alone
Impressions of African winter
You're too cold
But then mostly I feel her warmth
I can recall
Isolated moments capture in a hundred memories
I have wrote
Impressions of love caught in time that will always remain
Sometimes I feel like an endless tape, repeating my mistakes
The Real/Unreal/The sublime
So many faces montaged but one whose eyes are brown
Flesh tanned and red dust skies
A landscape which divides enclosed
Heat of the moment ivory and black velvet fall
I kissed her lips
Small child, you are the first and the last
We carry our journey, beside each other we can overcome
I feel you're sensuality
Impressions of African winter
Autumn leaves are falling now
The summer has ended
You've given me a photograph