Climax Blues Band - Cutting Up Rough lyrics

Time had come
When they had to leave
Their gold plated dreams behind

Decision was made to eliminate the middle man
From their side
Counting for reasons unknown to him
Their intentions were really good
But he took it to heart
And they stabbed him in the back
Guess he never understood

So three years on and his light came on
He decided to
Start cuttin up rough
Cuttin up rough

Too many fingers in too many pies
To free you from the job at hand
Empires built on false promises
Sinkin outta sight into the quicksand

Threw out a line and tried to drag him out
But he couldn't get it right you see
Surrounded himself like piggy in the middle
Couldn't see the wood for the trees

And now three years on when his light came on
He decided to
Start cuttin up rough
Tryin on the tough stuff

Well morning came round down in London town
Like the showdown at the OK Corral
He had all the ammunition
And made the decision
To upset the boys' morale

His mouthpiece was slick
And the lies were coming quick
But they stood together on shaky ground
He'll pay the cost cause he really lost
No thanks to him they'd still be around

And in three years from now, he may need 'em somehow
But they'll never never never ever stop
Cuttin up rough
Trying on the tough stuff