Clifford T. Ward - Water lyrics

I don't mind eternity
Now I've seen you alright
I can face forever
I'm sick of the light
And the lyin' and the cheatin'
I'm a fool and I'm bleedin'
Let me bleed.

I don't mind uncertainty
I've been certain enough
But I don't need adversity
I've had more than enough
You will not laugh and watch me cryin'
You will not spit in my face again
I don't need you when I'm dyin'
You will not cut me down.

There's no answer to my prayer
And still I know you're there
How can I forget?
How can you forget?

I can face eternity
Maybe I'll get some peace
Send me all uncertainty
I'm ending this lease
There's a thinking you call wishful
There's a God you call mine
There's a suffering you don't wish for
And it's all water . . . .