Cleopatra - Life Ain't Easy (1998)

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Cleopatra - Life Ain't Easy lyrics

Life aint easy--------
Gonna change-------
Don't just listen--------
Think about it, life aint easy

When I see those people sittin hungry in the street
I put myself in their shoes findin safer places to sleep
People just walk past them when they know there's some things wrong
When all I wanna know is why that something's goin on

Life aint easy
And how we are
Is gonna change
To make this world a better place
Don't just listen
Ya gotta take it in
Think about it and then we can begin

Life don't last forever and forever isn't long
So take your chance in life at the moment, you can hear this song
No use just thinkin about what tomorrow brings
Ya gotta life your head up high and do the right things


(Life aint easy) Ohhh
Oh, no, no, no, no
(It aint easy)
What I'm tellin you is

I'm sayin

(LIfe aint easy--------) Oh, life aint easy, ah e ah e ah!
(Gonna change-------) Oh o oh oh o oh, darlin!
(Don't just listen------) Ya gotta take it, take it, it in~ ah e ahhh
(And then we can begin)

(Life aint easy) It aint easy----
(Oh life, just aint easy-------) No, life aint easy!--
(Life, just aint easy) Take it in---------- (Oh life, just aint easy) Oh u oh u oh u ohhh!

(Music until fades)