Clearer The Sky - Last Night Was The Stuff Of Nightmares lyrics

We dance to the sound of shattering truths
The DJ plays (not one witness) the soundtrack to a post denim funeral

What was once a boredom cure now finds you with all the rest
A stranger to my heart, the cold echo of what could have been
Tonight you'll feel it, the friction of a final kiss
As your world ignites

Is that all you've got?

The flash and the veil, the most empty stare
Useless mannequins, in bonfires i watch them all

As the truth disintegrates

They are the mutants now
Stay at home and find new angles

The track changed and i saw you run
No use in pretending
Because even the mirror is laughing at you now

Your dot com alibi
The worlds biggest joke in binary
We're laughing at you now
Made up like a fucking clown

We're laughing at you now

I'll see you again in nightmares