Clear Blue Sky - You Mystify lyrics

With your love swarming around
You think you’ll find a way around
Of watching me day by day
I’m thinking now, who is that dame?

Creeping round my old shack
Your mystic look all dressed in black
You have no spell you always cower
As soon as I look you possess the power

You mystify
You mystify

The power of love is what you want
You have a secret, a magic wand
But love is yours from now on
Please go away you do me wrong

It’s a way into my life
You’ve got to have a sacrifice
I’ll live alone in my old shack
I beg you woman don’t come back

You mystify
You mystify

I guess I’ll hit the road of no return
I’ve got to get away to live and learn
About the facts of life they’re on my mind
I’ve got a feeling I’m very blind

Look into my eyes
Look into my eyes
Look into my eyes
Look into my eyes

I’ve never been alone in this big world
I’ve never seen things, I’ve only heard
But now things have changed, I’m on my way
I’ve got a feeling I’ll thank this day