Claude Kelly - She' Bad lyrics

When the sun goes down, all the ladies come out
There's something different in the air tonight(tonight)
Not even trying but look what I've found
The place is dark but she's my ray of light
One light lets focus on her
Come on and
Just want to get closer to her
My complete desire


She's bad, everybody knows it
She's bad and i cant help but follow
She's my, put my money on it
She's mine, she just don't know it yet..

Oh oh oh ugh ugh oh (*3)

Oh ugh hha

Under the moon, i got nothing to lose
She's not the type that you can say anything to
I did my homework and studied her moves
She'll never know how much im entertained (yeah yeah)
See im going to push up on her
I'm gonna make her kissing, i want her
I need her in my corner, my complete desire.

Chorus (repeat)

Ughhh [she's mine, she don't know it yet , she's going to be mine.(*3)]