Classified - Love The One You're With lyrics

[Mic Boyd]
All I can do is watch while friends move out west
Thinkin' to myself, wonderin' who goes next
Kinda makes me feel like everyday I lose a step
I feel trapped and I gotta chew through the net

Now life moves on, I ain't gettin' any younger
All my high school friends all marryin' their lovers
My ex got a baby and she's carryin' another
While I'm still livin' with my mother, whateva!

Well my ___ we separate, yeah we seen better days
Had some great times and the memories never fade
But now it's time to move on and get that new job
And be happy for the friends that found true love
But by losing some friends, I think I gained some
You see, I remember where I really came from
And that is the people that been there since day one
It's called family, can't no one replace them (thanks son!)
I guess I been missin' the me
It's like I been gone without ever leaving
And now I finally see it
Disappeared for what seemed like ten light years
Searchin' for love but the whole time it's been right here

Yee, now I been told your friends are the family you choose
Your family you don't appreciate until you lose
'Scuse the attitude, I don't mean to kill the mood
But fuck it, I'm doin' Luke __
Do what's real for you, been growin' up
You could say I live and learn
My friends show me love and I give it in return
A lot of things have changed though
Ever since I came home
Infield isn't all sunshine and rainbows
See after high school, I never woulda ...
(I'll write the rest later)