Clams Casino - Be Somebody (Remix) (feat. A$Ap Rocky, Lil B & Aj Tracey) (2016)

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Clams Casino - Be Somebody (Remix) (feat. A$Ap Rocky, Lil B & Aj Tracey) lyrics

[Intro: A$AP Rocky]
Cause you are beautiful
Yes it's true
Baby yes it's true
Cause you are beautiful
Ooh, beautiful

[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]
Wingman 'til I turn into the main man
I've been ballin' so long, need an Ace band
Calvin Klein on my waistband
In Adidas tracksuits like we breakdance
Say man, how it feel to be a made man?
Shit I be feelin' like I'm God, like I made man
Black man gettin' money through the made men
Paper chasin', let saber scrape
And get money, fuck a case
Did they ever tell you money has no race?
You still livin' like a caveman
No agenda, hunger, don't discriminate
I remember empty plates, was nothin' on it for the grace
But both prayin' hands, I need an amen
You talkin' Kirkin, I'm gettin' Franklins
You lookin' braindead, she lost her Ray Bans
She like the rain dance, I make it rain bands
Fuck that, Flacko talk that shit
[Verse 2: A$AP Rocky]
Made my pop proud and my mother smile
Locked towns, rocked crowds in the hundred thousands
Make music, make moves, make movies
Make time to thank the Lord that was great to me
A real boss don't move for nobody
But my shooter, he got plenty bodies, he hit anybody
Each and everybody, somebody
Any, any, eenie meenie minie moebody, stiff
Nobody live

[Verse 3: AJ Tracey]
Everybody wanna be somebody
Till they get clapped, then they'll only be some body
In a body bag, give me the riddim, I'mma body that
Lil Trace, bro, I've got the juice like what Bobby had
And I'm a London nigga, I've got a London flow
We pull them London triggers and fuck them London hoes
Little kids selling freebase freely
Doing trips up and down on the freeway weekly
Girls say they're pregnant and I ain't hit it
Drop me out with all the bullshit cause I ain't with it
Was there a memo for them fake niggas? I ain't get it
Lie in court under oath, bro, and I ain't fidget
Yeah, I remember having nothing on my plate
There was something on the cooker tryna whip and tryna bake
I'm a real West 10 boy, I'm G Traco
Eating pico de gallo while I count them pesos

[Verse 4: Lil B]
Yeah, I make it rain by the corner store
She said I made it far but I wanted more
I got drivers with no cars
I had battles with no scars
If you wanna be Mufasa
You could die too, my bullets givin' Oscars
And my guns givin' Grammys
I know Clams got me, A$AP my family
So how can I lose?
When I know that BasedGod, he made new rules
Gave me the juice, passed off diamonds
Hot in the winter, and cold when it's shinin'
Wanna be great, I just wanna be great
The BasedGod's perfect, but that's just the surface
So what we talkin' 'bout? Devil's steady lurkin'
Double edged sword, draw blood when you turnin'
In my condo that I designed
I would never buy it if it wasn't mine
I don't need a gun, I just need the bullets
Money not racist, my drugs caucasian
Guns from Russia, house in Sweden
No ones believes me, the world thinks I'm evil
But what if I'm poor? I guess I always wanted more

Be somebody
Be somebody