Cirque Du Soleil - Someone lyrics

If someone
Would lend a hand
Then someone else
Might make a stand

If someone
Would take the time
Then somebody else
Might open their eyes

So many someones standing
In the dark
So many teardrops
So many broken hearts

Angels falling from a sunless sky
But no one
Knows why

Or sometime
If someone
Would see the signs

Yeah oh, somehow
We'd find a way

One chance
Gotta take it
Don't let it slip by

One life
Gotta wake up
Gotta learn how to fly

One world
We'll make it
If we give it a try
One step
Let's take it
Got a mountain to climb

Shadows falling on a distant shore
As a blind dog howls and the
Thunder roars
Children beg for shelter from
The storm
A red rain is falling in the garden
Of hope

Try to remembre why
Open your eyes and see
Something you used to be
Be someone