Circle Of Dust - Mesmerized lyrics

These hollow bones
Before you bare
In the secret sins
I'd never shared

Felt myself slipping away
Into someone who could understand
And be my only friend

As time passes me by
You leave me mesmerized

Both of damaged soul
And of lifeless heart
Oh, how you have shown
Of the place to start

Felt myself stripping away
From what I've held to for so long
I've just begun to fail

As time passes me by
You leave me mesmerized

Words will always fail
So have I and I tried making any sort of difference
Fighting to accept and in the end I plead
To see you walk away and you do and so have I and it can never be repaired
Only a shallow space where once a heart existed
To feel so much yet so little
To define my last regrets is this final wish that can never be forgiven
Never - not by anyone
Never by myself
And most of all is the kind of peace that I can never hope to see - the light of any better day
Again and again I have fallen down beneath the seams a final time
The only obstacle that exists is you - this fate
A paradox it seems - to punish me the most is the one that has shown the most concern and love
Never mind the definition of that word
I thought I once could understand
But I realize now I haven't got a clue