Cipher - The Day After lyrics

Imagine a world with no boundaries.
Where all energies are focused on life and synergy of creation and memory.
Transverse and transcend hurt.
Create identity.
Where man and woman just states biology and humans love each other equally and evenly.
Where a world abundant with food proffers a daily meal to a hungry brood. Let us commune with ancestors through the earth.
Every harvest is a birth.
Every artist is of worth.
Where truth is not prescribed from above but derived from within and as varied as the lives that we live.
Imagine no kings or bishops, no serfs or prisoners, a common wisdom.
under the sun.
here plowshares, guns, pens, and tongues, wombs, minds, eyes, ears and lungs are directed towards one love.
Where blood flows like life through wombs and consumes a new world with life anew.
Where we rely on no religion or orthodoxy as a proxy for thought and honesty or a crutch for the bitter and cowardly.
Where innocent life will not perish by the random hand of man but command respect and demand commandover hearts minds, and essence.
Erase racist Hegelian dialectics.
Pure rebellion's diametric to a higher ethic.
Revolution is the concerted and organized channeling of a universal love for all creation.
Through internal and external transformation of an environment poisoned by reaction.
Our enterprise is nothing more than the ushering in of such a vision.
Through any means.. many means..
through toil and dreams we will realize this new world…
we will create a new human being