Cindytalk - Memories of Skin And Snow lyrics

I dream of crossing into madness
Before the slumber... hits
Some white vision
A naked trust
Never there

A falling madness...
Something howls
But only sounds in my head
I follow further...

An attempt at something beautiful
Something of a blissful mess
The howl continues...
The beauty rests on me then disappears
Being replaced by the smell of burning
Burning like a torch of tar
(A light in this darkness
a sign...)

My hands are held and pulled along
Coughing and screaming
My body is dragged until unconscious
In the grass-like snakepits
This wholesome body is a love-nest stranger
All locked in embrace

Some language of love gets me down on the floor
All arms flailing
It was a violent kind of sex
And some fucked up baby lies staring at me

It's a slow slow death
It's a slow slow death
Down! down! running at the light-flash
And moving with no sight
Hindsight just fucks me
This wholesome body
Is a love-nest stranger
Still locked in embrace
Some sick embrace

Waking at the edge of snakepits
And loosening the grip
My eyes are tired
My body dying
My head is raging

The snakepit was never in sight for real
I stumble backways into some glare
A mirror reflected this all
And made some garbled point
Failing to understand
I move on...

Nothing else existed
No sleeping dreams
No film-like nightmares
Just a walk without defence
A falling madness
A falling madness