Cindy Alexander - 405 lyrics

I can drive Mulholland with a blindfold on
Been winding the road my whole life long
Not direct but a way to get there
When you search for purpose high and low
You know you only got two ways to go
Fall to one side
Or plummet to the other
The valley porno or the city pretense
The West Side cocaine or the East Side incense
I grew up safe but half alive
On top the 405

I’m a Daddy’s Girl and my Mamma’s Angel
High achieving but unstable
I can hide it and I still do
Found my way but I still wander
Found myself and then I lost her
Still a part of me is missing
Somewhere in the middle of a
dive bar in Dublin
and a hotel in Hamburg
and those beat up blue jeans with the hole in the pocket
Yeah I’m safe but 1/2 alive
a mother and a wife

I always come back
I always come through
Just give me the space
and you will find the love that you once knew
You see I need to fight and I usually win
Yeah I’m always right
Don’t you be the one to throw the towel in
Take me, don’t take my side
I wanna go for a ride down the 405
Let’s go for a ride down the 405