Church Of Rhythm - Purity lyrics

You'd think I'd know by now
The difference between right and wrong
The sad truth is I do,
So why do I so often fake the truth
Embrace the night instead of trusting you

I long to be a man of God and burn this bridge behind me
But alone I seem condemned to lose my way

Yet when I'm weak Lord you are strong that's what your word
Reminds me
So I call on your strength to see me thru each and every day

Purity come down wash over me and cleanse me from my sin
Renew my soul, I give you full control let all my darkness end
Again and again

And when I think that I have fallen one too many times
Your spirit speaks to me, reminds me that forgiveness
Is so much more than a state of mind your grace has set me free

And I could never fall so far that I'm beyond the mercy
That was bought and paid for by redeeming blood

And seventy times seven isn't too much to forgive me
So I dive into this life brand new beneath the deep refining flood

(Repeat chorus)

And though the glitter of temptation
May seek to bind me to a life
That's filled with guilt and shame, but I can rest in peace
'cause my captured heart has been released
By a love that's broken thru the chains

(Repeat chorus)