Christophe Willem - Cool (English Version) lyrics

The cloud is tracing me out,
I Try to reach for air
Stuck in the middle baby,
Just kick me, drag me by the hair
I'd like to take you under
And start a love affair
Feel your skin against my body
Come with me if you dare.

I've gotta keep it cool.

Excitement fills up the room
We're tigers in a cage.
I take your final breath and make my unto the stage
I take your heart in a flash
You give me everything
Past the point that i can turn back
You're body is a sin sin sin repeat sin

Someone stop me cause i'm going crazy.
Oh so crazy. crazy love. cray cray crazy
I've gotta keep this cool

I'm getting stretched to the max
It's burning up in here
An angel send from heaven
To answer all my prayers
You take control over me
Completely all over.
Hold me, feel me, take my body
You're gonna make me go crazy.
Oh so crazy. crazy love. crazy

Crazy. Oh so crazy. crazy love.
Crazy. cray cray crazy love
I've gotta keep this
Crazy. Oh so crazy. Crazy love. Crazy love. Crazy
Cray Cray Crazy,
I've gotta keep this cool