Christina Lux - Free lyrics

i see birds flying out of her mouth
when she sing
taking off into the sky
building a rainbow
i see an ocean in her eyes
a water deep and wide
a place, where the sun don´t shine

i see her running up a hill
when the moon is full
and there she is
howling with the wolves
if you listen to her heart
you might hear her silent cry
´cause all she wants to,
all she wants to be is

she wants to be
she wants to be free

i hear mama africa is singing
sister is sighing deep within
in a world so full of hatred
still, i sense, we´re all related
fighting in the name of god
they say it´s for freedom
but it´s not
all we need to be is to be

free, i love to be

gotta be free - put down a seed -
a new seed - tear down the old
houses - dare to build it anew -
dare to build it anew - woman, wise
woman - wise owl, sitting on the
branch up there - she´s got a little
glimpse of how it could be -
let go, let go, let go

she´s a woman, she´s a backbone
she´s a woman, she´s a backbone
talking to my heart
talking to my soul
talking to me in my dreams