Christian Willisohn - Little Fish lyrics

First time I saw you on a walk through the park.
the sun was shining but I kept my thoughts dark.
when I saw you in your pond,
your were playing, you were jumping having fun.
but let me tell you something: little fish your life has just begun.

come on little fish and I will make you see
a lot more than just the trees and the birds and the bees.
I will take you on a trip around the beautiful and wide, wide world
Just bite this little bait, my little fish I swear you won’t get hurt.

come on bite little fish and I won’t do you no harm.
I´m gonna put you in my yard, I’ll keep you save and warm.
come on here a little closer, can you see, can you smell my bait?
please my little fish, come and bite and don’t you hesitate!

a little bite here and a little bite there
and you will only have to follow me anywhere.
I’ll take you out to all the famous and the fancy restaurants.
my fish, I swear if you don’t like it,
I’ll take you straight back to your pond.

you will meet all the famous people in this town.
come on, little fish, and I will show you around.
maybe you’ll be even eaten by a sweet and also beautiful girl,
or even by a president or a leader of this wonderful world.

you should have an aim in your short short life
and your aim, I’m sorry, has to deal with fork and knife.
but don’t you think for a good reason it is also good and worth to die?
Come on, get out of this pond, it´s time to say your mommy good-bye.
Come on little fish, get ready for the saturday fry.
Come on little fish, it´s time to say your mommy good-bye.