Chris Zabriskie - We Start The Cure In Paris lyrics

You danced with the turntables turning
You left while the candles were burning
And i took a boat to ibiza
And i couldn't find you for days

You laid in the sun till you fainted
You slept in a bed that you painted
And i found myself in a canyon
In an imbalanced colorful haze

We can't change a thing without hurting
We can't give up what we don't have
We can't let them see you and me
We can't find no one to repair us
We start the cure in paris

You slept next to me like a baby
You let me take all that you gave me
And i felt so warm inside her arms
And i turned my back on the world

You're not the same boy i remember
You need it like you needed me
But i can't control my own body
And right to the end i'm your girl