Chris Zabriskie - I'm On A Talk Show lyrics

Where are the stars tonight?
Where are the movie stars?
They're all in traction they're all in pain
A nervous reaction to all that pain
The audience they're paid to entertain
Will kneel at their graves while their bodies decay

Where are the rich tonight?
Where are the business men?
They went on vacation and never came back
He never told you about his heart attack
The doctor said, "sir, you have got to relax"
"it's not blood that you need it's just blood that you lack."

Not ten years ago i was a child
I was a good boy
And you let me go
Now i'm on a talk show
Talk show

Where is the church tonight?
Where have the white shirts gone?
They all got trashed cause they all got stained
Just one drop of blood from a severed vein
I wanna try but i have to abstain
Oh but where will i hide when the prince comes to reign

But if you change your mind
Then i'm going anywhere anywhere
But if you won't be mine
Then i'm going anywhere everywhere

But that's when she
Set us free
O great queen electric
What do you have waiting for me?

Where are the gods tonight?
Where is the lord of all?
They say he resides in a planet of light
A great crystal ball that just glows in the night
He watches you closely with infinite sight
He knows what you want but he does what he likes