Chris Webby - Feel The Bern (Freeverse) (Websters Laboratory 2 Mixtape) (2016)

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Chris Webby - Feel The Bern (Freeverse) (Websters Laboratory 2 Mixtape) lyrics

Webby's lab.... 2!
CT, what up man, still got those mother fucking bars on deck

I'm a killer whale
My frigging tail could tip the scales
And my train of thought is so heavy that I could strip the rails
On dark knights, you ain't catching me with Christian bale
I'm a Tom Hardy and ledger up in the city jail
Fuck bail i'm already down in hell and chilling
Raise hell and sinnin
Not counting on the day that I meet God and get to hang around in heaven with him
So when i'm Grammy winning giving acceptance speeches I ain't sharing the credit with the machete gripping
And ready whipping, up in my Chevy ripping
From Connecticut to your television, you better listen
Cuz the flows so vicious
I'm superhuman all they are are superstitious
So watch yourself bitches
Cuz I be so malicious, vicious
So stay the mother fuck up out my business
I roll up and hit this now I am so lit and
It's clear i'm on grass like a picnic
And you know we blunt sparking
Eyes lower than Ben Carsons
Space jam ballin i am Marvin a martian
Pardon, I heat it up like methane and carbon
But i'm going green solar panels in my garden
I'm, commiting arson when I drop my project
And i'mma burn your house down with the shit I drop next
Connecticut to the prime meridian listening
I'm up in every classroom, home and condominium and
I cause a racket bitch and i'm not talking wimbeldon
I get it in
That's why they seeing web like they looking between the toes of an amphibian, I'm brilliant
There's other rappers talk but we ain't buying it like they selling bottled tap water from Flint Michigan
Bitches i'm on my shit again
Thinking back on life but now its different
Always evolving, i'm so Darwinian
I'm no simpleton, Webby here to get it in
And I got my Michelin scraping the pavement
It's ride or die, bitches get an amen
My rap games godly, pull up with a posy
Rocking the ear flaps like Kyle Broflovski
Webby kamakazie, bonzie watch me
Detonator in my pocket like a Tomagatchi
Swerving like i'm ozzi, I think it was the molly
I put it down for months but my brain still foggy
I be doing this until the day I go scenial
Forget how to write, perform and spit freestyles
I'mma kill shit 'til then with no retrial
Cuz i got my lawyer Sal Goodman on the speed-dial
Meanwhile, I'mma swerve like i'm flippin a bitch
And its simple as this, on these minimalists
Cannot hang with the bar heavy lyrical shit
When i'm back up in that lab like kibble and bits
Get it? like retriever? the dog, Labrador?
No? What the fuck, all i'm asking is for you to understand me
And some money for the packet store
I need a dollar, can you loan me some Macklemore?
I want them thriftshop checks
So I don't care who I piss off next
Clock in, not a shift off yet
It ain't easy trying to live off debt
Put in work but nobody getting rich off sweat
You see I really love rapping bro
But now its turned into a mother fucking fashion show
They wearing skirts and flip flops, what the fuck he doing?
With pants so tight, you see the dam butt cheeks through em
I'm east coast cuz my sweats in timbos
A scruffy ass face cigarette and brim low
With a sexy bimbo big breasted nympho
Giving head in a rented limo
So check yo info
The game looking real concerned
Cuz when i'm on, i'ma steal your turn
I'm like senator sanders mixed with a fucking charmander
So, either way you gonna feel the burn