Chris Ullery - In Memory Of Btk lyrics

Hey baby what are you crying for?

If you don't stop

I swear I'll walk out the door.

You couldn't leave me if you wanted to.

I promise I'll come back tomorrow

To talk to you

To talk to you

Hey baby I got a game to play.

It's called "let's see how long

You can deal with the pain."

You should have left me

When you had the chance

Now you're stuck in my

Twisted kind of romance.

You thought that I was your friend

Yeah you thought that I was your savior

You thought that I'd be the one

To help you out

With a favor

But you forget there's no such thing

As a decent kind of man

So I'll try to make your stay here

As comfortable

As I can

Your eyes are turning grey

And how dull your face has been

I seem to have worn out the company

Of another


I'll move on tomorrow I'll feel better

As for you I don't think you can

Move on from this

You can

Move on from this

You can

Move on from this

No no

No no

No no