Chris Rea - The Road To Hell lyrics (Chinese translation). | Stood still on a highway
, I saw a woman
, By the side of the road
, With a face that I knew like my...
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Chris Rea - The Road To Hell (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Stood still on a highway
ZH: 站在一条公路上仍

EN: I saw a woman
ZH: 我看见一个女人

EN: By the side of the road
ZH: 身边的路

EN: With a face that I knew like my own
ZH: 我知道像我自己的脸

EN: Reflected in my window
ZH: 反映在我的窗口

EN: Well she walked up to my quarterlight
ZH: 好她走到我的 quarterlight

EN: And she bent down real slow
ZH: 她弯下腰真的很慢

EN: A fearful pressure paralysed me
ZH: 一个可怕的压力使我陷于瘫痪

EN: In my shadow
ZH: 在我的影子

EN: She said "Son, what are you doing here?
ZH: 她说:"儿子,你干什么在这里吗?

EN: My fear for you has turned me in my grave"
ZH: 我对你的恐惧拒绝了我在我的坟墓"

EN: I said "Mama, I come to the valley of the rich
ZH: 我说:"妈妈,我来的山谷中,富人

EN: Myself to sell"
ZH: 我自己卖"

EN: She said "Son, this is the road to Hell"
ZH: 她说:"儿子,这是通向地狱之路"

EN: On your journey 'cross the wilderness
ZH: 关于你的旅程 ' 穿过荒野

EN: From the desert to the well
ZH: 从沙漠到井

EN: You have strayed upon the motorway to Hell
ZH: 你到地狱不偏离后机动车路

EN: Well I'm standing by a river
ZH: 我站的一条河

EN: But the water doesn't flow
ZH: 但水不流

EN: It boils with every poison you can think of
ZH: 它煮用你能想到的每一个毒药

EN: And I'm underneath the streetlights
ZH: 我是在路灯底下

EN: But the light of joy I know
ZH: 但我知道光的喜悦

EN: Scared beyond belief way down in the shadows
ZH: 吓得难以置信的方式在阴影中

EN: And the perverted fear of violence
ZH: 和堕落的暴力的恐惧,

EN: Chokes a smile on every face
ZH: 堵塞每一张脸上的笑容

EN: And common sense is ringing out the bells
ZH: 常识敲响警钟

EN: This ain't no technological breakdown
ZH: 这不是没有技术的分项数字

EN: Oh no, this is the road to Hell
ZH: 哦不,这是通向地狱之路

EN: And all the roads jam up with credit
ZH: 所有的道路拥堵与信用

EN: And there's nothing you can do
ZH: 你可以做任何事

EN: It's all just bits of paper
ZH: 只是纸张的所有

EN: Flying away from you
ZH: 从你身边飞

EN: Look out world take a good look
ZH: 好好看看这个世界吧

EN: What comes down here
ZH: 什么可以来这里

EN: You must learn this lesson fast
ZH: 你必须学习这一课快速

EN: And learn it well
ZH: 和学不好

EN: This ain't no upwardly mobile freeway
ZH: 这不是无止境的高速公路

EN: Oh no, this is the road to Hell
ZH: 哦不,这是通向地狱之路