Chris Norman - One Way Love Affair lyrics

You are walking down street not really go anywhere when saddenly you and me one way love affir why she has alone send ....... to your heart and i all want to know you could you break apart .i if had a chance again i will do it just the same and if i had some words to say i will say them all again now i think you know just watch you start the blame just pepole say to those cause a one way love affair. you are walking in the night each out of some one i need to hold the time is more than you convert close your eyes again imagine she is beside you to scare to turn around and find that she is not there when i think i love you said it hurt me just the same now i know the song is gone ooh let me with blame then ask me who i am and tell them i am ok i just say to those cause one way love affir people say to those cause a one way love affait.