Chris Letcher - Lopsided lyrics

You know I tried to hold my tongue
I know even a bee can get stung
Locking hands and taking leave
Sense just flees on such an evening
Falling all around them.
Were falling all around them.
Hung up on your lovely hooks
Snares and kicks on tenterhooks
How I try and hold my tongue
I will not impose these feelings
You don't need this
Like I need this (what you need)
But weakness,
Who needs this? (More than what you think)
You know I try and keep my head
Because a heart can be misleading
If I had to tell you true
Well I've got a sinking feeling
Do you need this (I need this like I need a heart attack)
Like I need this? (I need this like I need to be on fire)
& weakness?
Who needs this?
Oh the head I dream of
Sleeps beside a head
That dreams of you too.
(Don't waste your dreams)
How could I have been so misguided
Start a thing that's so lopsided?