Chris Brown - State Of The Union (2018)

Chris Brown - State Of The Union (2018)
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Chris Brown - State Of The Union lyrics
[Verse 1] Dreaming all the time, thinking to myself If I'm man enough, if I'm good enough for you I keep thinking about when you said I know I wasn't ready for it, guess I was too scared Wasn't prepared for what life had to bring me I just wanted to be free, or someone to need me Every day I'm feeling like I can't breathe, no I can't get no sleep, got the weight of the world on me But it's alright, alright, alright It ain't a surprise, surprise, surprise Gotta do what you gotta do where I'm from I'ma shoot if I gotta shoot, I don't like guns But everybody hating, where the love at? If I give it to you, will you give the love back? Ooh, it's time for everybody to level up and settle up your problems Just go ahead and let God in 'cause he got us, yeah [Verse 2] Tired of running from the police, huh Never fucking over my homies, huh Hope my niggas make it in one piece, huh And my lane whipping in it one seat, huh I know a lot of people owe me But I won't go back to the old me Please stop acting like you know me On my place, tryna keep us going You got the right, the right to live it up Shine 'til your light is bright and big enough And if you bow down, come on, pick it up When you aim for the sky, you start lifting up It's super heavy to carry your own weight And too much to finish what's on your plate But it's okay, it's okay, okay, okay