Chris Brown - One More Chance lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse 1:]
, Came here tonight
, Knew I would see you but
, I wasn't quite ready for it (No)
, These...
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Chris Brown - One More Chance (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse 1:]
ZH: [第 1 节经文:]

EN: Came here tonight
ZH: 今晚来到这里

EN: Knew I would see you but
ZH: 知道我会看你,但

EN: I wasn't quite ready for it (No)
ZH: 我没有完全准备好 (否)

EN: These feelings I can't ignore (cause)
ZH: 这种感觉我不能忽视 (事业)

EN: The two us are over
ZH: 我们是在两个

EN: But I'm not sure if I'm over you baby
ZH: 但我不确定如果我对你的孩子

EN: I made the mistake
ZH: 我犯了错误

EN: When I upped and walked away now
ZH: 当我加大和现在走开

EN: I wish I had (One more chance)
ZH: 我希望我有 (一次机会)

EN: [Chorus:]
ZH: [合唱:]

EN: One, one more chance to tell you
ZH: 告诉你,一个更多机会

EN: Baby I know better
ZH: 宝贝,我知道更好

EN: Cause now I see that you are the girl
ZH: 导致我现在看到你是女孩

EN: And I wish I had one
ZH: 我希望我有一件

EN: One more chance to show ya how much I still love ya
ZH: 再一次机会显示雅仍然爱你的多少

EN: Too bad, love is over cause I wish I had one
ZH: 太糟了,爱是对事业我希望我有一个

EN: [Verse 2:]
ZH: [第 2 节:]

EN: One more night to talk late on the phone, and more
ZH: 再晚谈电话和更多一晚

EN: One more smiling face
ZH: 一个更多微笑的脸

EN: Like that ones you used to put on the bottom of your notes
ZH: 像这样的你用来装在底部的您的笔记

EN: Oh one more touch
ZH: 哦人多碰

EN: One more hug, ooooh
ZH: 一个更多抱抱哦

EN: Don't even talk about a kiss
ZH: 即使不谈一个吻

EN: I can't help but reminisce
ZH: 我不禁回忆

EN: Cause I wish I had
ZH: 我希望我的事业

EN: [Repeat Chorus (2x)]
ZH: [重复合唱 (2 x)]

EN: [Bridge:]
ZH: [桥:]

EN: Baby oh baby,
ZH: 宝贝啊宝贝

EN: I know I stated we needed sometime apart
ZH: 我知道我说,我们需要分开一段时间

EN: But seeing you has got me on a mission
ZH: 但看到你了我一个特派团

EN: I'm just wishing
ZH: 我只希望

EN: Maybe just maybe you'll realize it
ZH: 也许只是也许你会意识到它

EN: And let me back in your heart
ZH: 让我回你的心

EN: I'm at your mercy ooh girl
ZH: 我在你的仁慈噢姑娘

EN: I wish I had one
ZH: 我希望我有一个

EN: [Repeat Chorus (2x)]
ZH: [重复合唱 (2 x)]

EN: [Chris Brown]
ZH: [克里斯布朗]

EN: Oooooh
ZH: Oooooh

EN: Jazze Pha-Whoa, whoa, ladies and gentlemen, you have now tuned
ZH: Jazze Pha 哇哇,女士们先生们,你现在收看了

EN: in to the very best, a jazze fizzle product-shizzle, introducing
ZH: 在到最大,jazze 不了了之产品-剧本,介绍

EN: Chris Brown, oh Chris Brown, Shonuff [4x], fizzle [4x], oohweee,
ZH: 克里斯布朗,哦克里斯布朗、 Shonuff [4 x],[4 x] 不了了之,oohweee,

EN: so smooth so smooth daddy just step, hey just step, now let's go [3x]
ZH: 这么顺利这么顺利的爸爸只是一步,你只是步,现在我们去 [3 x]