Chris Bathgate - Loveless Son lyrics

You loveless son
The best is yet to come
The rain just held you up
The rain just held you in my languered arms
Once strong enough to hold the load you carried in the deepest corners of your dangling heart
And I was

You loveless son
You're hopeless as a stone
With nowhere left to roam
Trapped inside your vicious valley walls
That triumphed over all
And deadened every sound
Cause you know with you it's always one more round
And I was

And I was a birch in the snow
Your leafless eyes and your limbs were just expansions of the ground
You loveless son
You frosted all the sense
The lessons that you missed
Contingent to reverse this loveless spin
Your web defied attempt
I know you spared my life with the wondrous world within the word "forgive"
And I will