Chip Tha Ripper - Low Key lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse 1]
, Yeah, in the whip rolling up, I don't give a fuck
, Roll through my hood, say what's up,...
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Chip Tha Ripper - Low Key (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [第 1 节]

EN: Yeah, in the whip rolling up, I don't give a fuck
ZH: 是的在卷起的鞭子,我不在乎

EN: Roll through my hood, say what's up, they know I'm coming up
ZH: 卷通过我的敞篷,说是什么,他们知道我来

EN: Niggas hating all around me, I keep the 40 tucked
ZH: 爱你恨我的四周,我保持藏 40

EN: Any problems with you niggas I'll just hit them killers up
ZH: 你爱你的任何问题只是打他们的杀手

EN: We're chillin' bruh, yeah these hoes are feelin' us
ZH: 我们是扫射清,是这些锄头所感觉到我们的

EN: You niggas got a shitty swag, that's why them bitches here with us
ZH: 你爱你有烂的赃物,这就是为什么他们在这里与我们这些婊子

EN: All black everything, clothes and my whips too
ZH: 全黑的一切、 衣服和我的鞭子

EN: Even if I had a chili bowl with a chipped tooth
ZH: 即使我有一个辣椒碗用碎牙

EN: I could still pull these hoes and they would choose me
ZH: 我仍然能拉这些锄头,他们会选择我

EN: Sippin' that Patron, blowing weed until I'm woozy
ZH: 细品的赞助人,吹杂草,直到我晕

EN: Niggas in the club that I don't fuck with trying to dap me up
ZH: 黑鬼在与试图 dap 我起来不干,俱乐部

EN: Who is you?
ZH: 你是谁?

EN: Oh, you're doing what?
ZH: 哦,你做什么?

EN: Oh, that's what's up
ZH: 这是怎么回事

EN: Fuck up out my face though
ZH: 虽然搞砸了我的脸

EN: Ace by the case load
ZH: Ace 的案例负载

EN: Just me and my nigga Pootie Tang and 38 hoes
ZH: 只是我和我了解唐黑鬼和 38 锄头

EN: Chillin' up in VIP, now we're on the balcony
ZH: 在贵宾套房里了,现在我们在阳台上

EN: I hold my own, I don't depend on no one to look out for me
ZH: 我自己持有,我不取决于没人来找我

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: I ain't saying shit, but ? while I blow this tree
ZH: 我不说狗屎,但吗?虽然我吹这棵树

EN: When I ride by, hope that ain't nobody notice me
ZH: 当我骑的时希望这不是没有人注意到我

EN: Low key young nigga, yeah I'm livin' good
ZH: 低关键的年轻黑人,是我还活好

EN: Low key nigga from a ? crazy hood
ZH: 从低关键黑鬼吗?疯狂敞篷

EN: X2
ZH: X 2

EN: [Verse 2]
ZH: [第 2 节]

EN: Bitch you know just what it is, coppin' whips, coppin' cribs
ZH: 婊子你知道它是什么,coppin' coppin' 婴儿床的鞭子

EN: Young cash baby came February twenty sixth
ZH: 年轻的现金宝宝来了二月二十六

EN: Extra good how we live, we ain't takin' no more L's
ZH: 额外好如何我们生活中,我们不会让没有更多 L

EN: Shoutout to my nigga ? gettin' bread in jail
ZH: Shoutout 到我黑鬼吗?获取 ' 面包在监狱里

EN: Gotta eat, gotta me the nigga with the paper
ZH: 要吃,我得与纸黑

EN: Independent ? I ain't lookin' for no favors
ZH: 独立吗?我什么都不找没有人情

EN: I get mine like a G, bitch I pay the whole fee
ZH: 我得到像 G 矿山婊子我付全费

EN: Ain't no haggling or trying to make a bargain with me
ZH: 不是没有讨价还价或想要跟我讨价还价

EN: Got that 650 IR black sittin' good
ZH: 那 650 的红外黑好坐了吗

EN: Was a broke nigga, now I get this money like I should
ZH: 现在这个钱我应该像是打破了黑鬼,

EN: Got my mama ridin' Mercedez, send her money for the bills
ZH: 发送了我骑的是梅赛德斯的妈妈,她钱的帐单

EN: About to cop another whip, I ain't got no record deal
ZH: 以 cop 另一鞭子,我不会没有记录的交易

EN: My brother Cudder, he just copped a house up in them hills
ZH: 我哥哥 Cudder,他拷贝的只被那一栋房子了在他们的小山

EN: Stacks on deck, no I'm trying to get these mills
ZH: 在甲板上的堆栈,我不想让这些造纸厂

EN: For the glory, and I want it all at one time
ZH: 为荣耀,我要一次

EN: This is real shit, there wasn't no corny punch lines
ZH: 这真正的爱,没有任何柯尼冲压线

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]