Chimaera - Love Anthem For A Dead Friend: lyrics

Dwelling around, around in circles
As I can taste the rain
I wonder what you'd said
To ease this pain
Afraid to love ?
Yeah I'm just afraid to lose again
I look up to the sky
Hoping that your light will penetrate someday
Someday or some night

No memories broken
No thoughts erased
Forever burned in my heart
Forever in my memory

I smash these tears from my mirror
I paint a smile for you
I put my trust in you
Come on take care of me
Hold on to me
Take care of me
When I'm not strong enough
Will you take care of me?
And let all this…
All this misery
All this emptiness
All this fucking pain
Rain away, fade away, waste away

And it's so hard not to cry
And it's so hard to say goodbye
You will never be forgotten
So I will never be alone

I look up to the sky,
Hoping that your light will never fade away