Childrens Audio - Nerd Of Your Dreams lyrics

I could be the nerd of your dreams
You would mean everything to me
Wouldn't it be nice if I could follow you around
I would be the geek in your life
You'd treat me like shit and never think twice
Wouldn't it be nice cuz I would always be around

I can't even look you in the eyes
I hate myself for all the lies
I hate myself because I thought of you
Everybody wants to know
Why can't I just let you go
Why can't I, because I thought of you

Or would you love me more if I had long hair
Got a tattoo and said that I don't care
Got a tattoo and I don't even care about you
Or what if I got drunk every night
I'd pass out on the floor, maybe get in a fight
I'd get in a fight just to prove my love to you